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Francis fun in France

As we spend this incredible time in France, a gift from our parents, we are in a state of constant exclamation over all that is different and wonderful. We are in no way saying that we do not love living in India or that there are not amazing things about India that the West really lacks, but we cannot help but appreciate and feel blessed for all these things that remind us of Australia and give rest to the senses and stomach!



There’s something to be said for removing kids from the saturated West, as their levels of satisfaction change hugely. They are so easy to please! They are excited over bread, ecstatic over cheese, red meat is a massive treat, and drinking water from the taps is amazing! Car seats are a novelty, a bike ride is huge, stopping for a croissant is such a treat and running free in open paddocks of wheat and poppies reminds them of the farm at home.

I got the giggles yesterday when I said to Levi that we were just going to walk up the hill to a cafe and he started to cry. “I don’t want to walk up the hill!”, he exclaimed! But he was picturing the mountain that he climbs every day to school, not the gentle slope of a French hillside!

I am so thrilled to also realize that the boys have a new perspective garnered from their year at Woodstock. Josh asked me two questions that revealed this to us. Before we left he asked what the cultural dress in France was. And when we got here he asked what the main religion of France was. Two questions that the Josh of last year would not have asked, but for the Josh of this year they are questions which are normal for his new understanding of the international world.

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