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Five have moved to a zoo



There are days when I feel the need to pinch myself and check that this is really real, in particular with regards to animals. Did I just walk through a huge group of monkeys? Did the boys not even blink when we saw a herd of goats on the road, a troop of monkeys and a sow with her piglets? Am I really writing this with a huge brown (evil) monkey looking on? On my first scooter ride, did I really contend with 3 horses, 4 cows, a herd of goats and innumerable monkeys?
Today particularly was a day like that.
As I rode up to school on my scooter, I see a jeep drive past with a whole lot of kids waving out the window….oh, there’s Samuel…I was unaware that there was an excursion on today. At pick up, I am told by an excited boy that they just went to see the dead leopard! Oh, of course they did. What was I expecting. I was regaled with explanations of its size ( a cub really) and the state of its squashed head with its eye hanging out. Seems it had come off worse for wear with a car.
Then I am in the school playground on the side of the mountain and am told that the guards have just chased off a bear!!! Yes, a bear!!! I am picturing huge grizzly bear, but from the description it sounds like it was more the size of koala bear ( I know, I know koalas are not bears).
Then I arrive home to find that the monkeys have once again removed my clothes from the line and strewn them around the yard AND they have emptied my bin and had a party with the contents. Aargh.
But that’s not all…. this afternoon I also saw a whole family of pine martins ( a badger/weasel sort of thing) walking along my back fence. And what was that tap tap tap noise? Oh, it’s just a woodpecker tapping on the tree outside my door!!!! Did I get transported to an animal sanctuary???? No, I guess not, as this isn’t exactly a sanctuary- the leopard was dead and the monkeys are being chased away with sling shots and large rocks., but I am definitely living in a weird and wonderful place and it never fails to surprise me.



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