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Five blow the clouds away

The monsoon just finished. Just like that. One minute it was wet and the next it wasnt! Suddenly, the world is bright again. The sky is the bluest of blues and I just can’t stop looking at it. There are houses on the ridge behind me that I hadn’t even seen until now- wow, a whole new world arising after the mist.
Within a day my clothes feel dry when I put them on and my bed is no longer damp when I get in. I even hung clothes on the line today and they are nearly dry- I’m guarding for cheeky monkeys, while soaking up the sun, wearing a singlet top and hoping that no stray coolies or house helps wonder by and die of shock at the sight of uncovered skin!
In true me fashion, I am already feeling slightly nostalgic for the monsoon. There is an innate part of me that secretly mourns the passing of every season, (even Winter in Ballarat) – maybe its because I still find it hard to believe that each season will return in its time and will be just a amazing as the one just leaving me. Creation moves me deeply and turns my eyes to the creator- it centers me, enchants me and causes me to look inward and then outward and upward.
And so, as this season passes I already think fondly of the mist. How one minute you could see the path ahead and then the next a cloud would swarm up the mountain and over you and cover you in a soft, quiet veil. And the deep, verdant green of the moss and tree ferns – they are already brown. And walking with my umbrella….with tired, grumbling, wet boys and putting on wet shoes in the morning and battling the blue devil (mould) and nothing ever drying….oh that’s right, good riddance monsoon and no looking back!!! Bring on the sunshine:-)



Five are not surprised by cows.

I realized today, that I am settling in. I look around and I don’t see foreign, I see familiar. I see my home.
The trigger that made me realize this was something so small, but indicative of the bigger picture.
I walked into the bazaar and kept walking! Ok, so to explain that… Motorbikes, scooter, trucks, taxis, oversize cars all came past, zooming alongside me, tooting their horns and jostling for space on the road…and I just kept walking! The me of last week would have squished to the side of the road, stopped in shop doorways to let cars past and generally looked nervous. The new, settled me, just kept right on walking, weaving around cars and cows and dogs and monkey poo and just kept on walking!
And when I stop to think about it there have been other indicators:

  • I don’t exclaim in wonder at cows in the middle of the road or trying to get into shops.
  • I don’t even hesitate to let Josh and Samuel squish onto an already crowded scooter to go up the hill.
  • I see a scorpion on my floor and just calmly get the dustpan and squish it (not even a scream, although maybe still a slight shudder:-))
  • I see a spider on the wall and pause, take off my shoe, squish it, put my shoe back on and keep walking (the kids don’t even notice the danger I’ve saved them from and to quote the Scottish play, “if it were done when tis done then twere well it were done quickly”.)
  • I expect to walk everywhere and don’t complain anymore (well not as much anyway.)
  • My legs are strong as! No more shaky legs after walking up a million steps.
  • I don’t even think about putting my seat belt on ¬†(funnily enough I went to get out of the taxi the other day and wondered what was holding me back- seems 34 years of conditioning had come back to the fore and I’d unknowingly put on my seatbelt. )
  • Of course, I say, we can fit 8 people in that little car!
  • Namaste comes more quickly to my lips than hello.
  • If I even touch Andy in public I feel uncomfortable- we held hands the other day and we might as well have been full on snogging!
  • I love wearing the long Indian tops- they are ridiculously comfortable.
  • I don’t even pause when the power goes out. Levi still tries to count to 15- he knows that the power always comes back on after 15 seconds when the generator kicks in.
  • I no longer sanitize my hands all the time
  • A dose of the runs is a positive thing- it helps combat the oily, carb loaded diet.
  • I think of fruit as a thing of the past and instead long for the sweet tea, sugary treats and junk that we eat here. I don’t think Levi even remembers a time when we had healthy snacks!
  • Man weeing as I walk past… Just avert eyes and keep on walking (actually, that’s a lie, I ¬†usually back up around the corner and then wait until I hope he’s finished and keep walking forward – give me another month or two and I’ll probably be squatting next to him:-)
  • The people in the quad, the children playing, they have stories now for me – they have a place in my world and I in theirs.

And a feeling, as I walk down the mountain ridge to our house, that I am walking home.

As Levi says every day, “I got two homes, one in India and one in ‘stralia.”